How We Press for Progress

Today we #PressForProgress in honor of International Women’s Day 2018. We join this campaign to commit to a “gender parity mindset” through progressive action. By collaborating with others, we can make a larger impact.

We are committed today and every day to forging positive visibility of women. We speak at, host, and sponsor events supporting women and underrepresented people. We advocate for them, lead by example, and share our own experiences running a business, leading tech teams, and building tech products. We encourage other women to do the same.

Here are small ways you can join us and do your part within your own organization and community.

Identify ways to make women more visible

  • Rethink the imagery on your website and marketing materials. Hint: Don’t pick out the first stock photo that contains a woman typing at a computer. Use photos of your own (diverse) team before opting for stock photos. If you need to use stock photos, consider using the #WOCinTech photos like we do on this site!

  • Follow, retweet and repost the work of women on social media.

  • Give women the opportunity to do more than hand out swag at your booth at a conference. Let them be the lead engineer who talks about your API or your product at the booth.

  • Consider how your own actions make women less visible. Are you interrupting women to have your own voice heard? Or to hear your own voice? Are you listening only with the intent to respond? Are you taking credit for the work of the women at your company? Are you mansplaining? Stop. And stand up to others who do the same. Say something like “I’d like to hear what Jenna has to say on this subject.” Or when someone gives you credit for something say “Actually, it was Jenna’s idea and I support it.”

  • Question the lack of women's participation at events you attend and companies you apply to or work for.

  • Sponsor women. As described by Lara Hogan, sponsorship is: "raising up the name of someone to help them get more opportunities to do visible, valuable work.” Learn more about sponsorship here.

Extend opportunities to women first

  • Recommend women as presenters, freelancers, job candidates, board members when asked for recommendations

  • Buy from and work with women-led businesses. Tonight, our friends over at Still Kickin and The Coven are hosting the FeMNist Day Night Market featuring over 50 of Minnesota's most talented women makers and businesses. Shop with us!

  • Buy from and work with those who position women in positive ways. Like us! Want to hire us?

  • Have you heard of an inclusion rider? Frances McDormand has and dropped those two words at the Oscar’s last weekend. If you’re offered a spot on a panel, a board, or a team, ask what the makeup of it is today. Don’t accept unless there is a certain level of diversity. 

Assume women want opportunities until declined

  • Don’t assume women aren’t interested in a particular field or job or role because it is stereotypically a man’s job.

  • Ask them to present at your event.

  • Ask them to join your company.

Select women as spokespeople/leaders

  • Hire and grow them into positions of leadership within your company.

  • Nominate and select them as board members within your company or to other organizations.

  • Encourage women to present at conferences you’re sponsoring or exhibiting at.

Support visible women

  • Not all women want the visibility and that is important to recognize. For those of us who do, support us by promoting our work, hiring us, recommending us to your friends when they ask for someone who does what we do. Sponsor us.

  • Celebrate women role models and help share their journeys. Join us on March 22, 2018 at the 5th Annual WE* Conference: Start Small, Think Big + Grow when we do just this!

  • Sponsor the conferences your female employees are presenting at or attending. Need a list of local communities needing sponsorship dollars? Check our our diversity and inclusion resources.

  • Women tend to share successes as a team instead of their individual successes. You can celebrate their individual successes.

How will you #PressForProgress in 2018? You can find more info on the campaign here and commit to your own actions.