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Junior - Mid-level - Part-time Contract

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We are a small software development shop helping startups and entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality — from starting with an idea and seeing the big picture, to aligning the technical strategy with the business strategy and positioning it for growth. We also work with established companies on on-going development work on new or existing products, adding new features, knocking out bugs, or creating a whole new product from scratch.

We are women owned, passionate about helping our clients solve meaningful problems, and have a strong commitment to the Twin Cities tech and startup community. We’d be honored to have you join us in this effort!

We’re ultimately looking for the right human to join the team as a part-time contractor. We’d love to work with someone who’s passionate about learning and solving interesting problems and welcome applicants from the following areas of focus:

  • Frontend development with Vue, Angular, React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Backend development with Ruby, Rails, Node, Express

From Us, You’ll Get

  • Mentorship and hands-on experience
  • To gain experience with some of the following: Wordpress, React, Vue, Angular, javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node, and UX/UI design
  • To learn software development best practices such as continuous integration, test driven development, code reviews, and frequent demos and releases
  • To research and recommend new tools and practices
  • To learn about prototyping ideas
  • To learn the ins and outs of the Twin Cities tech/startup community
  • To work remotely

You Are

  • Someone who wants to ship real software to real users
  • A self-starter who jumps in to learn what you don’t know
  • Someone who knows when to ask for help
  • Someone who takes ownership
  • A collaborator and communicator
  • Involved in (or an interest in being involved in) your local tech community
  • Or you’re interested in honing these skills


  • 1+ years of prior development experience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and as a team
  • Available 20 hours per week
  • Availability overlaps at least partly during day time (CST) business hours
  • Located in the Twin Cities Metro Area


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