Startups & Entrepreneurs

We help startups and entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality — from starting with an idea and seeing the big picture, to aligning the technical strategy with the business strategy and positioning it for growth. We act as your virtual Chief Technical Officer until you need and find the right one.

We can help with

  • making sure your technical strategy is aligned with your business strategy

  • building prototypes and MVPs to test your idea and identify your market

  • helping to position your product for growth when you're ready

  • improving your user experience

  • deciding if you should buy a product or service or build it yourself

  • selecting product or service vendors

  • defining roadmaps and product delivery schedules

  • managing and mentoring a junior technical team

  • assisting with light technical tasks, small features, and bug fixes

  • establishing agile development processes for new teams

  • assessing team dynamics and current agile processes

  • assisting you with hiring for technical roles

  • meeting with business partners or investors

  • educating and coaching on how to run a tech company, a tech team, and build a tech product

  • building confidence as a leader and strategist

  • connecting you to the tech industry

  • being an evangelist for your product and your technology

We can work with you on an ad hoc hourly basis or an on-going monthly retainer. We'll work directly with your technical team or give you access to our own if you're still building yours out.


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